Abstract submission and guidelines

Abstract submission guidelines for IAPCON 2020
General Guidelines:

1. Language:
Abstracts must be written and presented in English. Careful typing and proofreading is essential. The accepted abstracts will be published as submitted. Once submitted, changes, corrections or rewording will not be possible.

2. Word count:
The maximum word count of the abstract is limited to 300 words (including title, body, spaces, tables and graphics.

3. Topic selection:
Please choose the most appropriate topic from the list mentioned.

4. Title:
The title should define the topic of your research. All words will be counted in the total word count of the abstract.

5. Author(s):
Mention the full name of all authors. Omit any titles, degrees or institutional affiliations. It is advisable to check the correct spelling of the family name and initials of each author.

6. Affiliation:
Mention the institution, department, city and country. Mention all co-authors.

Abstract Content:

All abstracts must be written in the following format:

  • Introduction & Objectives
  • Materials & Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusion

State the objective of the study, describe the material and methods and summarize the results of the research. You need to present sufficient details to support the conclusions reached.

Please use standard abbreviations and generic drug names. Abbreviations should be spelled out in parentheses, in the first use in the abstract.

Main Theme: Entrust, Engage & Empower

Sub-theme 1: Pain management Track 1: Innovations in pain management
Track 2: Interventional pain management
Track 3: Newer novel analgesics
Track 4: Non-pharmacological management of pain
Track 5: Neuropathic pain
Track 6: Rational use of Opioids
Track 7: Adjuvant analgesics
Sub-theme 2: Symptom care & management Track 1: Innovations in symptom management
Track 2: Symptom care in specific cancers
Track 3: Gastrointestinal symptoms
Track 4: Urological symptoms & their management
Track 5: Palliative Care emergencies
Track 6: Respiratory symptoms & their management
Sub-theme 3: End of Life Care Track 1: Innovations in EoLC Track 2: Refractory symptoms in EOL
Track 3: Advanced directives
Sub-theme 4: Palliative Care Nursing Track 1: Specific nursing techniques in Palliative Care
Track 2: Innovations in palliative care nursing
Track 3: Pressure sores – new techniques in management
Track 4: Care of the bedridden patient
Track 5: Care of the breathless patient
Track 6: Ostomy care
Track 7: Wound Management
Track 8: Lymphoedema management
Sub-theme 5: Paediatric Palliative Care Track 1: Specific needs of the paediatric palliative patient
Track 2: Addressing and managing pain in PPC
Track 3: Nursing issues in PPC
Sub-theme 6: Other important aspects of Palliative CareTrack 1: Psychosocial aspects of care
Track 2: Rehabilitation
Track 3: Palliative Care Education
Track 4: Integrated Onco-Palliative Care approach
Track 5: Respite Care & Complementary Therapies
Track 6: Volunteering & Social Work
Sub-theme 7: Palliative Care in Non-Malignant DiseasesTrack 1: Renal Diseases & palliative care
Track 2: Cardiac diseases & Palliative Care
Track 3: Neurological diseases & Palliative care
Track 4: Role of Palliative Care in Dementia & Parkinsonism
Submission Deadline:

Deadline for abstract submission is November 30th, 2019.

To avoid incidences where your abstract cannot be submitted due to technical difficulties, computer problems or other reasons, you are advised to submit your abstract early.

Important Dates to Note
  • 30 November 2019 – Abstract submission close.
  • September – December 2019 – Notification of abstract acceptance (Please register first in order to enjoy the early bird rate. You may make payment upon receiving the notification email that your abstract is accepted)

Abstract Submission Closed

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